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LCT-1912NK Battery Replacement for Nihon Kohden 5387NMH

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Replaces Manufacturers: Nihon Kohden

The Battery replacement for Nihon Kohden ECG-6851K, ECG-6511, ECG-6620P, ECG- 9130P, ECG-6951, ECG-6951d, BSM-1100, BSM-4100, TEC-8250, TEC-8200, BSM-73, BSM-2300, TEC-8250K, TEC-8251K, TEC-X062, TEC-8250, TEC-8251, BSM-1100, BSM-4100, TEC-8250, TEC-8200, ECG-7100, ECG-8110P, LCS-2012NK, ECG-11A, ECG-11B, XD-7100, XD-7200, ECG-6353, ECG-6151, Cardiofax 8110 EKG, Cardiofax TEC7431, Cardiofax TEC7511, Cardiofax TEC7521, ECG-6100, ECG-6551, ECG-8420, ECG-8020, ECG-92C, ECG-9320, QTC6210K Vital Sign Monitor, TEC7100 Defibrillator, TEC7200 Defibrillator, ECG-9020 and others.

Replaces battery Models: LCT-1912NK

Battery Attributes
Battery Type Battery Pack
Voltage 12.0 V
mAh 2500 mAh
Chemistry Lithium ion
Terminal Type Pressure Contacts



Built By BBMBattery - This is an Equivalent version of the original equipment manufacturers battery.