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MH46886, JC1P-BH3690, JC1P-NM3618 Battery Upgrade for Exit, Emergency Lights, NiMh version

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Our 3.6V/2000mAh Upgraded Replacement Battery for the JC1P-BH3690, JC1P-NM3618 -  has at least twice the power of the Nicad version. This superior version is built in house in our ISO certified facility.

Fits - 73904 Craftsman Flashlight, Various Exit and Emergency Lighting brands (see below)

Fits the Following Models:

  • BBAT0063A TOPA Ni-CD AA900mAh 3.6V
  • Dantona CUSTOM-318 Custom318
  • Exitronix 10010037
  • Lowes 253799
  • Max Power B2-0031 B20031
  • Max Power B2-0030 B20030
  • MH468886 JYH 100715 Ni-CD 3x1.2v 1.0ah
  • OSI OSA230 OSA-230
  • T26000188 3.6V-AA-900mAh Ni-CD
  • TOPA 3.6V AA900mAh JYH 3.6V AA1000mAh
  • Unitech 6200RP 6200-RP
  • Unitech AA900MAH 3.6V
  • Unitech LEDR-1 LEDR1
  • 18604 Battery Guy