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Motorola NTN7143, NTN7144 Battery Replacement for Motorola Radios

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BBM Battery supplies the aftermarket CS-MTK144TW Battery for Motorola Radios - this battery is a drop in replacement for the GP1200, MTX9000, MTS2000 and ahost of others (see complete list below). It is also a direct cross to the WPNN4013 and the FuG11b Battery.

Battery Specifications:

Chemistry   Ni-MH
Voltage    7.5V
Capacity   2500mAh / 18.75Wh
Dimensions   153.00 x 59.00 x 20.00mm
Model Number   CS-MTK144TW

Models that this battery will fit:

GP1200, GP2010, GP2013, GP900, HAT100, HT1000, HT6000, JT1000, MT2000, MT2100, MTS2000, MTS2010, MTS2013, MTX8000, MTX9000, MTZ2000, PTX1200

Part numbers associated with this product:

FuG11b, NTN7143, NTN7143A, NTN7143B, NTN7143CR, NTN7143R, NTN7144, NTN7144A, NTN7144B, NTN7144CR, WPNN4013

BIN CS-1823