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Nest Thermostat 2nd, 3rd Generation Battery Replacement

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BBM supplies the Replacement CS-NLT200SL Battery for the Nest Learning Thermostat (2nd and 3rd Generation), Thermostat E, A0013 and more (see below). This Battery is a direct cross to the Nest GB-S10-284449-0100 Battery and the TL284443 Battery. These are in stock and ready to ship.

Fit Nest Thermostat Model:
  • A0013
  • Learning Thermostat 2nd Generation
  • Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen
  • Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation
  • T3007ES
  • T3008US
  • T4000ES
  • Thermostat E
Crosses to Nest Battery Part Number:
  • GB-S10-284449-0100
  • TL284443


Part #: CS-NLT200SL

Capacity: 380mAh

Chemistry: Li-Polymer


Dimension: 48.60 x 44.10 x 2.90m

BIN - CS-1957