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Nvidia Shield HFR-50AAJY1900X2(B) Battery Replacement for 028-0003-000

Regular price $24.95

BBM supplies the ZNG-NVTV Battery for the Nvidia Shield TV Game Controller. This 2.4V/2000mAh Battery crosses to the CRC2182MH Battery and the HRLR15/51 Battery.  In stock and ready to Ship - $24.95e.

This Battery is made in house in our ISO approved facility.



Voltage - 2.4V

Amperage - 2000mAh

Chemistry - NiMh 

Part# - ZNG-NVTV

Size - 50mm x 29mm x 14mm


FITS  - Nvidia Shield Gaming System

REPLACES : Nvidia HFR-50AAJY1900X2(B) Battery, 028-0003-000 Battery, CRC2182MH Battery, HRLR 15/51 Battery