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Panasonic BK-200AAP Battery with Tabs - 1.2V/2.0AH

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This Tabbed Panasonic Ni-Mh AA BK-200AAP Battery outputs 1.2V/2.0AH of energy, and provides the end user with low self discharge capability. This cell will give you the outstanding performance you expect from Panasonic NiMh batteries.  Ideal for individual use in shavers or for your own in house Battery Pack Assembly - this battery will keep you powered.

 If you require a battery pack made with this cell - please email your specifications to or call 1 888 328 6587

If you require the Panasonic BK200AAPA1 bare cell battery (without solder tabs)  - please order the battery in the Cross Reference Recommendations (above).

Panasonic BK-200AAPA1

Size -AA
Nominal Voltage -1.2V
Discharge Capacity  - 1900mAh
Discharge Capacity (Average) - 2000mAh 
Dimensions - 14.5mm x 50.5mm
Weight - 280g