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Panasonic GL5000DF5L - Replacement Emergency Lighting Battery 6V/5000mAh

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BBM supplies the Lithonia ELB0604N Battery offering 6V/5.0AH. This flat pack battery also crosses to the Precolite ENB0604 and more (see complete list below).

NOTE - This battery is a flat version 


Voltage: 6 Volts

Capacity: 5000mAh

Chemistry: NiCd - Nickel Cadmium

Dimensions: 6.4"(162mm) x 1.28"(32.6mm) x 2.46"(62.4mm)

Weight: 1.27 lbs

Terminals: Connector

Battery:  406796-000 

Model/Product:  ELB0604N

If this battery has a higher mAh rating than your original version---please do not be concerned. This means it will work for longer when and if required. By no means will if negatively affect the operation of your emergency lights.  

Battery Fits and replaces following..

Applied Technology
  • GL5000DF5L

  • NIC0495

  • 2150

  • 406796-000
  • ELB0604N
  • GL5000DF5L

  • E8208-10-00 REV P 39/93
  • ENB0604

BIN: 311

PLEASE NOTE - some of these battery part numbers take the hump versions - others take the flat version. This is the flat version---if yours is the hump version . Please see the cross reference recommendations.