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Panasonic VL-2330/HFN Battery - Rechargeable 3V Coin Cell with Solder Tabs

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BBM Battery supplies the VL2330/HFN Battery with solder legs. This Panasonic VL series Coin Cell with solder tabs is a Vanadium Pentoxide Rechargeable Lithium battery - delivering 3V/50mAh of power. It comes with horizontal mounts for circuit mounting;



Series - VL2330

Size - 23mm x 3.0mm

Voltage - 3V

Chemistry - Rechargeable Lithium (Vanadium Pentoxide)

Termination - PC pin for circuit mount

Also Known As - VL2330/HFN, VL2330/HF, P085, VL-2330-1HF, VL2330/1HF, VL-2330/1HFE

Applications - Key Fob, Memory, Circuit Board  Mount



Datasheets  :   VL2330 Datasheet

MSDS Material Safety Datasheet : VL2330 MSDS 

BIN - ML-27