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Philips Pronto RU950, RU960, RU970 Battery Replacement

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BBM supplies the H-AAA700B Battery for your Phlips Pronto Remote Control RC5400, RC5400 and more ( see complete list below). This aftermarket battery  - also known as the HHR-60AAA/F4, delivers 4.8V/1000mAh of power. This Battery is also used in several Marantz Remote Control units (below).   

Battery Attributes:
Battery Part Number: ZNG-AAA700B
Capacity: 1000mAh
Type: Ni-MH
Voltage: 4.8V
Dimension: 46.23 x 41.13 x 10.40mm

Fits Remote Control Unit Model Number:
5000i, RC5200, RC5400, RC9200, RC9500, Touch Screen, TS5200

BCRU950, Pronto DS3000, Pronto RU950, Pronto RU960, Pronto RU970, Pronto RU980, Pronto RU990, Pronto TSU3500, Pronto TSU6000/01, RC5200, RC5400, RC9200, RC9500, RU950, RU960, RU970, RU980, RU990, SBCRU951, SBCRU960, SBCRU970, SBCRU980, SBCRU990, TSU3000, TSU3500, TSU3500117, TSU6000, TSU7000, TSU7500

Crosses to Battery Part Part Number:
8100 911 02101, CS-PSU950RC, BYD H-AAA700B

2422 526 00148, 2422-526-00148, 310420051271, 8100 911 02101, 8100-911-02101, H-AAA700B, HHR-60AAA/F4, TSU3500117