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Power-Sonic PSC-1220000-LIFE-US Charger for 17-170A Batteries

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The PSC-1220000-LIFE-US Battery Charger is a 3 step Charger built specifically for LIFEPO4 Batteries. Built in Europe with a proprietary intelligent 3 step function, it will assist in safely charging even the deepest of discharged rechargeable lithium batteries. Capable of delivering 17.0A of output, for 12.8V Batteries(4 cell), it will comfortably charge LIFEPO4 batteries within the range of 17-170AH.


• DOE compliant
• ISO9001:2015 
• CE compliant
• Medically certified EN60601-1 3.1 &EN60601-1-2 4
• UL approved


Nominal Voltage - 12.8
Charge Voltage - 14.6
Output Current - 17A
Design - Desktop Plug in - Alligator Clips
Charger Type - 3 stage 
Dimensions - 8.27" x 4.45" x 2.09" (210mm x 113mm x 53mm)
Weight - 3.07 lbs

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