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Powersonic PSL-24200 LifePO4 Battery 25.6V/22AH

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BBM stocks & supplies the Power-sonic PSL-24200. The PSL24200 battery delivers 25.6V/22AH of power. Manufactured for Superior performance, this battery is rugged. Supplied with High Impact resistant ABS plastic case and cover and terminal -M6 button (female-threaded)  : this battery will get the job done


Battery Attributes :
Battery Type             LiFePO4
Voltage                     25.6 V
Amp H                      22 AH
Terminal Type           M6 button (female-threaded)
Rechargeable           Yes

Environmental Parameters:
Max Operating Temperature            122 °F
Min Operating Temperature              14 °F
Approximate Weight lbs/kg              12.8/5.8
Residual capacity is about 60% of rated capacity


Operating Temperature Range:
Internal Resistance at 50% SOC              <60 mΩ
Charge                                                    32–122°F (0–50°C)
Discharge                                                14–122°F (-10~50°C)


Length                  7.70" (195mm)
Width                    5.20" (130mm)
Height                   7.20" (183mm)
Weight                  13 Ibs (5.9kg)



Datasheet PSL-24200 

MSDS Material safety Datasheet