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PSC-6500ACX Charger by Power-Sonic for 6 Volt Batteries from 2AH to 5AH

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This PSC-6500ACX Charger allows safe and hassle free Charging for your 6 volt sealed lead acid batteries within the range of 2AH-5AH. These IC controlled Chargers offer dual mode operation and automatically switch from HIGH rate to a LOWER float rate. The LED indicators allow you to monitor the state of charge and the insulated Alligator Clips, provide ease of operation. With both DOE Compliance and ETL approval - this charger will get the job done.

Power-Sonic PSC-65000ACX Specifics:
Nominal Voltage - 6V
Output Voltage - 7.35 (fast) 6.7 (float)
Output Current - 500mA
Design - Wall Mount Plug In. with Alligator Clips
Charger Type - Dual  Rate
Dimensions - 3.15" x 2.24" x 1.97" (80mm) x (57mm) x (50mm)
Weight - 0.20 lbs

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