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Radiomatic BA210040 Battery for HBC Crane FUB10AA, Fub06 Ex

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This Aftermarket CS-FBA210BL Battery is built specifically for the HBC Industrial Crane. Delivering 6V/2000mAh of power, it crosses to the HBC BA210 Battery, and RHB1220KY Battery. This Battery also fits the HBC BA14061, Fub06AA, FUB10AA, FUB10XL, FUB78AA, PM471560 Cranes - as well as the  Radiomatic BA210040, Radiomatic BA211060 and the Radiomatic BA210060 (see below for the complete list)

This battery will fit the following industrial crane models:

HBC: BA14061, Fub06 Eex, FUB10AA, FUB10XL, FUB78AA, PM471560, Radiomatic BA210040, Radiomatic BA211060, Radiomatic BA213020, Radiomatic BA214060, Radiomatic BA214061, Radiomatic FUB10XL, Radiomatic FUB78AA, Radiomatic PM458017, Radiomatic PM471560, Radiomatic Spectrum 2, Spectrum 3


This battery will replace the following part numbers:

HBC: 005-01-00466, BA210, BA213020, BA214060, BA214061, RHB1220KY

Battery Specifications:
Chemistry: Ni-MH 
Voltage: 6.0V
Capacity: 2000mAh
Color: Red or Black (interchangeable)
Dimensions: 153.67 x 56.30 x 19.94 mm