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Rechargeable MS621FE Battery, 3V/5.5AH Lithium

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This rechargeable Seiko Instruments MS621FE Battery delivers 3V/5.5mAh of power. It is a Manganese Silicon Rechargeable Lithium Battery and comes without solder tabs.



Type MS621FE
Nominal Voltage(V) 3
Charge Voltage (Standard Charge Voltage)(V) 2.8 to 3.3(3.1)
Nominal Capacity(mAh) 5.5
Internal Impedance(Ω) 80
Standard Discharge Current(mA) 0.015
Maximum Discharge Current (Continuous)(mA) 0.25
Cycle Life (Time)100% D.O.D(Depth of Discharge) 100
Cycle Life (Time)20% D.O.D(Depth of Discharge) 1000
Size Diameter(mm) 6.8
Size Height(mm) 2.1
Weight(g) 0.23