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Sanyo 5HR-AAC, DRTB315005 Battery Freezers - MDF-C8V, 6242099284

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This Sanyo 5HR-AAC Battery is a replacement for their Ultra Low Freezer MDF-C8V Battery> Built with the highest quality Panasonic NiMh cells, in our ISO Certified Facility, this Battery will keep your freezer fully operational. This battery crosses to Sanyo part numbers MDF-137, MDF-8CV, MDF-U537, MDF-U537D, MDF-V7486SC, 5XHR-AAC, ASC42344, SANYO MBR-305GR.

Battery Attributes:
Amp H 2.5
Voltage 6.0 V
Dimensions  51.00 x 43.50 x 27.20 mm
Chemistry Ni-MH
Terminal Type Wire Leads / Connector



Built By BBMBattery - This is an Equivalent version of the original equipment   manufacturers battery.