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Smart NiCD, NiMH Battery Charger for 7.2-12V Packs, Switchable 900/1800 Output

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This Universal Smart Battery Charger supports NiMh & NiCD packs from 7.2V through 12V. With a switchable output option of both 900mA and 1.8A it will charge MULTIPLE Nickle based battery options. Supplied with Alligator Clips, a Mini Tamiya connector and a Standard Tamiya connector - it will safely charge battery packs in the range of 7.2V through 12V.

 NOTE - do not use this Charger on Rechargeable Lithium based battery packs. Use only on Rechargeable Nickle based  batteries.


  • TWO FAST CHARGING OPTIONS - Select between 0.9A or 1.8A charging current depending on how fast you want to charge.
  • PACKAGE CONTAINS - Charger with Tamiya connector, standard Tamiya to alligator clip connectors, and standard Tamiya to mini Tamiya connector.
  • VOLTAGE COMPATIBILITY - Charges 7.2V-12V (6S-10S) NiMH/NiCd battery packs for hobby uses like RC cars, Airsoft, and toys.
  • EASY-TO-READ LED LIGHTS - Know your battery's charging status with LED lights.