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Smiths WZ50C6 Battery part number 160AAH10YMLZ

Regular price $34.95

BBM supplies the aftermarket replacement ZNG-SWZ502MD Battery for the Smiths Infusion Pump. This Battery fits the WZ50C2, WZ50S and more (see complete list below). It is a direct cross to the 160AAH10YMLZ and the 10N-700AAC battery. In stock, $34.95e


Fit Smiths Model #;

  • WZ50C2
  • WZ50C6
  • WZ-50C6
  • WZ50C66T
  • WZ50C6T
  • WZ-50C6T
  • WZ50S
  • WZS50F2

Crosses to Part Number

  • 10N-700AAC
  • 160AAH10YMLZ
  • CS-SWZ502MD
Item No.: ZNG-WZ50C6

Capacity: 2000mah

Type: Ni-MH

Voltage: 12.0V

Dimension: 72.05 x 50.45 x 28.88mm