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Sponsler IT400 Flow Meter Lithium Battery, 3.6V - part number E8010

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BBM supplies the aftermarket E8010 Battery for the Sponsler IT400 Flow Meter. This 3.6V/19AH Non Rechargeable Lithium Battery is made with ONLY the highest quality French Made Saft LS33600 cells - these batteries are in stock and ready to ship.

Made in house by BBM in our ISO certified facility

Fit or replace Sposler Battery Part Number:

E8010 battery
6135-01-544-6292 battery
6135015446292 battery

Fits Sponsler Flow Meter Part Number:

Sponsler liquid control battery
Sponsler IT400 Remote totalizer & rate indicator battery
Sponsler MN-IT400-R2c battery
Sponsler it400 w/ flanged flow meter battery
Sponsler it400 w/ NTP flow meter battery
Sponsler it400 w/ 3A sanitary flow meter battery

Battery Attributes :
Capacity 3.6V/19AH
1.29" (33mm) x  2.37" (60mm) 
Chemistry Primary Lithium (no rechargeable)
Terminal Type Wire Leads / Connector


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