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Tadiran TL-2300T Cell Lithium Battery With Tab

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BBM supplies the Tadiran TL-2300/T  Lithium Battery with SolderTabs . This 3.6V/16.5AH Battery is in stock - ready for immediate delivery.

Battery Type: Cylindrical Cell
Voltage: 3.6 V
Capacity : 16500 mAh
Chemistry: Lithium
Size: D
Terminal Type: PC Pins

Cross References:

Allen Bradley:
1771-PI, 1772-ME, 1772-ME8, 1775-ME4 OLD, 1775-ME8 OLD, 1775-MR4 OLD, 1775-MR8 OLD, 1777-1PI, E2/A, MINI PLC-2, MINI PLC-2/15, PLC-2, PLC-2/15, PLC-2/20, PLC-2/30, PLC-3/10

Programmable Logic Co:
1771P1, 1771PL, 1772ME, 1772ME8, 1775ME4, 1775ME8, 1775MR4, 2/3A, E2/3A, MINIPLC 2/15, MINIPLC 2/20, MINIPLC 22/15, MINIPLC 22/20, MINIPLC 22/30, MINIPLC 3, MINIPLC 33/10, MINIPLC2, PLC220, PLC230, PLC3, T20/41

TL2300, TL2300S, TL4930, TL4930S, TLH5930S

Xenoenergy: XL200F, XL205F

Other: Eternacell T20/41, ALIT1963, Lintronics TL2300S, Power Conversion T20/41, Sonnenschein SL180, D 3.6V, T20/41

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