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Tadiran TL-5955P, TL-5955/P Lithium Battery

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BBM supplies the Tadiran TL-5955 - 3.6V non rechargeable Lithium Battery with axial leads (PC pins). This Ireali made 3.6V/1500mAh Battery provides extremely high enegy density, in a 2/3AA package.  With its 10 year shelf life and wide operating temeratures (-55 to 85 C) - this battery will get the job done.

Fits and Replaces:
TADIRAN 15-5955-21500, TADIRAN 1TL-5955/PTADIRAN TL-5955/P

Cross Reference:
2/3AA Lithium, TL-5955, TL-5955/P,  TL-2155, TL-2155/P, COMP-139, LIT0210

Battery Specifications:
Battery Type: Cylindrical Cell
Voltage: 3.6 V
Capacity : 1500 mAh
Chemistry: Lithium
Size/Dimensions : 2/3AA (0.992" H x 0.571" Dia.)
Terminal Type: Axial Leads




Datasheet TL5955

MSDS Material Safety Datasheet

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