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Teig/AtLite 24-4009 Emergency Lighting, Exit Sign Replacement Battery

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BBM supplies the Exit Sign replacement for the Teig 24-4009 Battery. Also known as the Atlight 244009, Custom-4, OSA191, GP3600GR, Excell EBE-4, and the ANIC0625 Battery, these 3.6V/1000mAh Batteries are in stock and ready for delivery.

Battery Attributes:
Voltage - 3.6V
Capacity - 1000mAh
Size - .57" x 6.68"
Chemistry - NiCad

Fits - Cooper, Atlight and Teig Emergency Lighting Models and more 


If this battery has a higher mAh rating than your original version---please do not be concerned. This means it will work for longer when and if required. By no means will if negatively affect the operation of your emergency lights.  


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