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Xeno XL-205F Battery - 3.6V/19AH Lithium D cell

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BBM supplies the Lithium Thionyl Chloride, D size, Xeno XL-205F battery. Delivering 3.6V/19AH of energy, this high performance non rechargeable battery, will provide continuous operation for your critical back up or memory applications.  Manufactured in South Korea to stringent quality controls, this battery will keep you powered.


- Tadiran TL-4930
- Tadiran TL-5930
- Saft LS33600C
- Vitzro SB-D02.

Battery Specifications:
  • Chemistry: Lithium (non rechargeable) Thionyl Chloride
  • Voltage: 3.6V
  • Capacity: 19Ah
  • Rating: 68Whr
  • Nominal Capacity: at 5mA, 20C, to 2.0V; 19.0Ah
  • Maximum Current: Continuous 230mA; Pulse 400mA
  • Temperature Range: -55~+85C
  • Diameter: 33.6 mm
  • Height: 60 mm
  • Weight: 98g

Xeno XL-205F Features:
  • High & Steady Operation Voltage
  • Improved TMV (Transient Minimum Voltage) Effect
  • Very Low Self-Discharge Rate
  • Superior Storage Capability (10 Years)
  • Pulse Current up to Several Amperes
  • Stable Operating Voltage
  • Best Pulse-Behavior, low Voltage Drop
  • Choose Your Terminal:
  • Standard Button Top
  • Right Angle Tabs (T1) - see Cross Reference Recommendations Above

Main Applications:
  • Automatic Devices & Remote Sensors
  • Buoys/Emergency Location Equipment
  • GPS/GSM/ARGOS Related Systems
  • Memory Back-Up
  • Power meter, Water meter, Gas meter, Automatic Meter Reading Device
  • Security/Alarm Systems
  • Tracking Devices

Further Specifications
Battery Size: D
Battery Capacity  19000mAh
Battery Chemistry: Lithium Thionyl Chloride
Battery Voltage: 3.6
Battery Terminal Type: Button Top
Battery Shelf Life: 10 Years
Packaging: Bulk
Brand: Xeno
Product Weight: 3.457oz
Product Dimensions: 2.323" (L) x 1.323" (Diameter)
COO South Korea
Part Number XL-205F

Spec sheet

MSDS (Material Safety Datasheet)