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ZTE WP650, WP850 Battery Replacement for Wireless Phone

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BBM supplies the aftermartket ZNG-WP650 Batery replacement for the ZTE Ni3607T30P3S473211 Battery. This battery fites both the ZTE 850 and the ZTE 650 Wireless Telephones. These batteries are in stock and ready to ship.


Fits the ZTE Model Numbers:
  • WP650
  • WP850
Crosses to the ZTE Battery Part #:
  • Ni3607T30P3S473211
  • CS-ZTP650CL



Item No.: ZNG-WP650

Capacity: 100mAh 

Type: Ni-MH 

Voltage: 3.6V 


Dimension: 45.58 x 31.40 x 11.00mm  


 BIN - 1225