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PSC-2410000-LIFE Battery Charger by Power-Sonic - 25.6V/10A Output

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BBM supplies the PSC-2410000-LIFE, Power-Sonic 8 cell LiFePO4 Battery Charger. This Charger will safely charge any 25.6V rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate battery from 10 to 100AH. Its 3 stage charge design coupled with 10A output, allow it to Maximize Battery Performance and Life Span. Manufactured in Europe, with UL, CE, DOE compliance along with Medical EN60601-1-3.1 and EN60601-1-2.4 certification, it is capable of maintaining and charging even deeply discharged 24 volt LiFePO4  Batteries.

PSC-2410000-LIFE Battery Charger Specifications:
Nominal Voltage - 25.6V
Charge Voltage - 29.2
Output Current - 10A
Design - Desk Top Unit with US (or EU) Cord and insulated Alligator Clips
Charger Type - 3 stage Charger
Dimensions- 8.27" x 4.45" x 2.09" (210mm) x (113mm) x (53mm)
Weight - 2.53 lbs

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