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GP ReCyko+ 20R8H-0, 9 Volt Rechargeable Battery, NI-MH

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BBM is proud to supply the aftermarket GP ReCyko+ 20R8H NI-MH rechargeable replacement battery.  Delivering 9v/200mAh of power - this battery has super high capacity, is cost-saving and environmentally friendly.


Compatible withMN1604, 6LF22, 6LR61, 9V, HR9V, DC1604, 6LR61, ER9V, 6LP3146

Battery Specifications
Voltage: 8.4V
Capacity : 200 mAh
Chemistry: NiMh
Terminal Type: Snap or 9V
Size: 0.62"(l) x 1.04"(w) x 1.90"(h)


GP RECYKO 20R8H-0 spec sheet

GP RECYKO 20R8H-0 SDS (sheet)